End Of The niGht. (AF THE NAYSAYER Remix)

by Phony Ppl

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AF THE NAYSAYER's remix of Phony Ppl's "End of The Night" is a down-tempo re-imagining of this highly-acclaimed track off of the 2015 album, Yesterday's Tomorrow. The bright, colorful vocals that Elbee Thrie provides are swallowed up by a powerfully-deep bass line, accented with crunchy snares and echoing high-hats that drone behind the upbeat, funky tones of the original. AF THE NAYSAYER transforms this soulful funk anthem into an experimental deep house track that is sure to get your body moving. It will be releasing as a free download on Self-Educated Vinyl’s BandCamp as a digital single.


© 2016 Step Pepper Records & Self-Educated Vinyl


Artwork by Andy Stewart



Phony Ppl


[Intro: Elbee Thrie]
Wake up and I greet the sun
Feel like this is gonna be my special one
My Idea Of Fun [?]
To be at the right place at the right time
[Celestial] surprise, before your eyes
Impossible is nothinG

[Hook: Elbee Thrie]
Baby, baby what's the plans? (yeah, yeah)
The night is slipping out our hands (yeah, yeah)
[Verse 1: Elbee Thrie]
I seen you over there Girl
Why dont you come over here Girl..
Don't be scared Girl
There's enouGh of that in the world Girl
Im posted up w. my boys..
You chillin w. your Girls, Girl;
And i bet you all are pretty as your peals Girl
Jigga man, roc-a-fella, Girls Girls Girls, Girl
Physically, you don't have to remember me
But don't forGet my enerGy
Feel where im cominG from
So you can see where we goinG to
Cause by the end of the night, if you come w. me
You Gon' forGet what you're goinG through
And by the end of the niGht if i come w. you
I'm Gon' forget (forget, forget)

Baby, baby what's the plans? (yeah, yeah)
The night is slipping out our hands (yeah, yeah)
I'm tryna see whats good with you

[Verse 2: Sheriff PJ]
Yo, yo, yo
So come and slide to the left side
Your body shape hypnotize in that dress Ma'
Yes I, slide then we'll quick ride
The curve of your hips, Take your thighs for a test drive
See me, I like a freak in Nicole, diva
Sheema and Keema know the freak in Nicole need to (Exhale)
For the weekend lets Go deeper
See when I set sail, I leave a leak in your hole weaker than you
Your friends' probably feeling it too
I know most of them chickens with it
I could get them a room
I just hope it change the liquor get up into ya boo
Listen I ain't trippin, If Yall ain't trynna kick it it's cool
Cause what I want, is light skin, down, booty round
Girl you thicker than Thirty Snickers come Pounce On Me Now
Let me demonstrate, I'll hit it with my baseball bat
See I knew you with it
Why you make a face like that?
Hol' up

[Hook: Elbee Thrie] (x2)
Baby, baby what's the plans? (yeah, yeah)
The night is slipping out our hands (yeah, yeah)
Im Tryna See Whats Good With You


released July 15, 2016
Mixed by Prospek and AF THE NAYSAYER
Mastering by K-Murdock



all rights reserved


Self Educated Vinyl New Orleans, Louisiana

Self-Educated Vinyl is an independent boutique record label, curated by AF THE NAYSAYER, specializing in experimental hip hop and electronic dance music. Self-Educated Vinyl is currently an imprint on Step Pepper Records.

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